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Diane Giddings
Status TOMATIS Practitioner (level 1)
Speciality Children, Teens, Adults, Elderly
Degrees and certifications BA Elementary Education & Psychology
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Mme Diane Giddings

Tomatis® helped my grandson in socialization, language, thought processing and comprehension

18 Jan 2016

Hello everyone, I just want to share a new chapter in the journey with my grandson who has done so well since using Tomatis®, but with still some anxiety and occasional outburst in school. Tomatis® programming got us to the point where my grandson is successful over all in socialization, language, thought processing, comprehension and with releasing a lot of emotional issues from the past. This is the first school year he made it past October in the school setting. Usually had to pull him from school and homeschool.

I finally convinced the docs to agree to a sleep study. For years I have reported he is restless sleeper frequently wakes to get his breath. So much so that it scared me to go back to sleep, fearing he would stop breathing. The docs always blew me off. The study showed he has 2.8 episodes an hour where he has an apnea type incident. No physical issues per the doc. Seems it is more anxiety related and we learned some interesting information. Anxiety disorders can cause disruption in sleep patterns, which in turn creates stress, more anxiety, mood/behavior and cognitive issues due to lack of restful sleep. Especially noticeable in the education setting where focused concentration and processing is key. Also learned that approximately 1in 6 children with learning problems have undiagnosed sleep disorders.


I just want to encourage everyone to have parents think outside the box. Prior to Tomatis® it was impossible to get any assessment done to really determine what my grandsons educational and academic needs were. After the first 3 Tomatis sessions in 2011-2012 we were able to finally get him to participate in a vision test and found he had convergence insufficiency, which affected his ability to do school work and we found his right eye shot out to the right corner if he tried to focus on paperwork. Changes from the Tomatis® work continued to slowly progress. After a few more sessions in 2015. he was able to attend gym class 3 days a week and asked to start school fall of 2015.

As the Tomatis® program gradually brought about good changes I was able to pin point issues that needed addressed with other therapies/interventions. I am hoping the positive results from this recent sleep study and intervention will continue help him progress in school. His anxiety is less and he has a full night of rested sleep so his mood, behavior and personality are so improved in school.

I would encourage parents to pursue a sleep study, just to rule this out since some studies show children with learning disabilities frequently have undiagnosed sleep disorders. It exacerbates the anxiety. All makes sense. Another possible part to the puzzle. It is a process. I totally understand the parents who are frustrated and at the end of their rope and ready to give up. I was there.

Hope this helps someone.

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