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The TOMATIS® Method is an Educational Program, and is considered neither a medical treatment nor a means to establish a medical diagnosis. The content in this website is for informational purposes only. It should be neither considered as nor substituted for medical advice.

© « Tomatis », « Tomatis » + logo and « Solisten » are trademarkes owned exclusively by Tomatis Développement S.A. Their use or modification is strictly forbidden unless expressly and duly authorized.

Professionals listed on this website have been trained by TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT Company and have signed a License agreement. They are equipped with high-quality devices and have a deep knowledge of how to use them. But it is the client’s responsibility to be sure that the professional’s profile fits with his/her specific needs. TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. is not involved in any way or manner in an individual client’s relation with the professional contacted

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