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Asperger syndrome

Asperger syndrome, like any form of autism, is a pervasive development disorder (PDD).

However, unlike the autistic child, the child suffering from this syndrome does not have a language acquisition anomaly. Furthermore, there is no significant delay of cognitive development in the first three years of life. The child’s intelligence is normal, often with a good memorisation ability.
Nor are there excessive sensorial reactions, whether by excess or by lack.

On the other hand, as in autism, there are difficulties in social interaction accompanied by repetitive and stereotyped behaviour, as well as a reduced field of activities and interests.

Given the absence of a significant language delay, this disorder is often identified quite late, when the child begins nursery school, a period when difficulties with social relationships can come to light.

The same observations as those concerning autism can be made: the Tomatis method can only be considered as one possible therapeutic tool, to be used in association with other approaches.
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