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Mme Sandra Nogues

Sandra NOGUES, Psychologist, TOMATIS Practitioner Level 2

28 Jan 2013

In my opinion, the Solisten training I did Madrid was dense and the content usable at 100%. These were three intensive days, but there wasn't a moment I thought I was loosing my time. The trainers are profesional, psychologists and very competent. They know what they are talking about, and not only the theory, but also the study and the clinical experience. I would like to add that I was very much impressed by the precision with which they talked about the neurofisiological content of the effect of the method on the brain. For me the formation I received was excellent. I think it provides the essential elements to enable the health professional to integrate this technique in his knowlege and studies from a totally scientifical point of view. And to enable him to start using it in his usual praxis as a complementary technique to other interventions, psychological in my case. »

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