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Mme Sandra

Sandra Van Rooyen, Special needs teacher in Ireland

28 Jan 2013

Firstly I would like to say that I completed the training for Solisten Practitioner, level 1 in Paris in February 2011.
I found the lectures on Anatomy and Physiology very informative. I would have liked to have had a few hours more of training in the practical use and programming of the device. However, once I started usung Solisten ELMA in my practice, I was very happy and realised that it just takes patience.
I work mainly with children and teenagers who have learning difficulties or emotional or behavioural difficulties. I have only seen positive changes to my clients. Every one of them has benefited in some way. Children with Dyslexia have all improved their reading ages after completing the course. Concentration and memory issues improved a lot with a 17 year old highly intelligent student who also has Dyslexia, Her comprehension and concentrationspan has improved and her grades are all much higher now.
An 8 year old student with Dyspraxia was always very agitated, very un co-ordinated and never picked for teams. He also found it hard to sequence matters. After the course his mother did a testimonial at one of my presentations and said that he enjoys Art more and can ride a bike now and is now been picked for teams by his peers in the school yard which is great. The best thing is that his self esteem had really improved. He also used to have a Special Needs Assistant at school for toiletting help and dressing himself. After completing Solisten he asked not to have the assistant anymore as he was able to go to the bathroom and dress himself independently. At home he is also dressing himself which he could not do before he did the Solisten.»

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