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Mme Dr Ana T.

Testimonial from a Special Education Teacher, Romania

28 Jan 2013

Matei, one of my pupils, had severe dyslexia and big difficulties with processing the information. At home, he couldn't understand a dialogue between his mother and his father, that's why at the end, he always asked his mother what they were talking about. At the same time, he was not able to link together 2 or 3 sounds in a word.
Also, he had a great sensitivity for noises : he couldn't stand the sound made by a blender or by a lawnmower. Regarding his psychomotor difficulties, he couldn't coordinate well and had big problems with laterality.

After 60 hours of the Tomatis training, Matei was able to take swimming lessons with remarkable coordination. His reading and sound processing have improved dramatically and now he is no more anxious about noises. That's why I strongly recommend Tomatis Method!

As for the SOLISTEN training, the course was presented in a very professional way by Jean-Pierre Granier, with very precise, concise and complete information. I am looking forward to continue with TLTS Level 2.

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