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Mme MA

Testimonial of a Mother whose son received Solisten Sound Training.

28 Jan 2013

I always felt like managing my son was all about crisis management. How to avoid meltdowns over everyday things; big things, little things, imaginary thing, things everyone else takes for granted.

My son has been in one form of therapy or another since before his first birthday. Four years later we discovered 'Solisten'. 'Solisten' is an amazing tool which had a phenomenal impact on our family. The commitment in time and finance was worth it and we achieved lasting and drastic results. It does not replace therapy but it 'unlocked' something which we were unable to achieve through other avenues and now we are able to continue to build on this through therapy, with better results. Now I can honestly say my home is peaceful with little or no shouting, and I am talking like a normal person instead of in that 'measured tone' I have adopted when trying to maintain some calm in the storm. I feel like I have been transported to another family and life, one that is pleasant and where there is not underlying drama all the time and the happy moments linger instead of being interspersed between fights, tantrums, meltdowns and general tension. I have read tons of books, been criticised by both myself and others on my parenting and always felt that maybe I am overcompensating for my son's difficulties. However, no amount of improved parenting could make such drastic changes.

I am so enjoying my son being in such a good space. My son, the one I knew existed, but the world rarely saw, seems to be shining through brightly! How less frustrating the world must now be for him. My son who before 'Solisten', had not been ably to express himself well or appropriately and after 'Solisten' smiles and says that he is "happy" and "this music makes me feel happy" and "my brain is working now mummy" and when he looks at you, with eyes that are clear and seem to say "I'm here mum and I'm here to stay", my heart bursts and I want everyone who can identify with my struggles to experience this moment. Our therapy journey continues, but 'Solisten' complimented the therapy and laid a solid and lasting foundation.

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