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Mme Tharien

Tharien AUCAMP, Occupational Therapist, TOMATIS Practitioner Level 2

28 Jan 2013

Just want to share this news with you. I had an adult CVA patient on the Solisten Program. He is doing so well since starting the Solisten he is back at work (he is a radiologist), he can drive put up drips etc. It made a huge difference in his participation restrictions. The fisio was amazed in his motor control progress. She is now only seeing him once a week after we started with the Solisten. Then I have a SEVERE tactile defensive little girl (5 years old) that is currently on the Solisten Program. She was very resistant to the brushing protocol and the only thing I thought of to use was the Solisten. Her SIPT diagnosis is praxis on verbal command and somatodyspraxic. She almost never has clothes on and does not wash her hair. She has poor planning and battles to talk and socialise with other children, her cognitive ability is superior but it doesn't look like it. She started on the Solisten and the changes are amazing, her mom is astonished and overwhelmed. Her speech has improved within the first 4 sessions and her spatial awareness is amazing. Her play has even gone up a level and she is now imagining things that she was not able to do before. She actually looks smart now. Thank You for bringing this MAGIC to South-Africa I am addicted!

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