Become a Tomatis® Practitioner (level 1)

Location Shenzhen ,China
Date From 4/26/17 To 4/28/17
Languages English - Chinese
Subject TalksUp® Level 1 Training
Duration 3 days + online support and mentoring
Prerequirement Must be a therapist, or a teacher
Tool The portable device TalksUp® Level 1

You add to your activity an evaluation tool that allows you to define the listening profile of a client with precision. This tool is necessary if you want to further evaluate a client’s listening profile and to refine your programming based on it. Over a 4-day training course, you learn to conduct a listening test and use it as part of your programming. The listening test also serves as a tool to assess results and thus to optimize your work. Moreover, you will be able to access to the TalksUp® (level 2) software, which enables you to combine pre-defined programs so you can increase your programming possibilities.

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