TOMATIS® Practitioner (level 1) ELMA

Location Johannesburg ,South Africa
Date From 3/6/14 To 3/8/14
Language English
Subject SOLISTEN ELMA Training
Duration 3 days + online support and mentoring
Prerequirement must be a therapist, or teacher
Tool The portable SOLISTEN device

: You practice the TOMATIS Method by intergrating a powerful yet simple-to-use professional device into your professional activity.

Introduction : This first stage provides an initial 3-day training course to learn about the TOMATIS Method. You are trained to use SOLISTEN in your field of expertise with your customers. This highly practical course is supplemented by a continued training online each month to assist you in introducing this technology into your work. It gives you the opportunity to become familiar with our equipment and to appreciate the efficiency they provide for a moderate investment.

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