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occupational Therapists and physical therapists

Occupational Therapist : The Tomatis® Method adds a dimension of sound processing that complements the work of therapists working with sensory processing in general. Our auditory system provides information the space within a 360 degree radius around us, informing us of the environment in which we find ourselves. Together with vestibular and visual information, it provides a sense of our body awareness in the space we occupy. The addition of the Tomatis® Method to standard therapies have been found to be beneficial for clients struggling with spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, brain injury, Down’s Syndrome, genetic disorders, and other diagnoses that present elements of developmental delay. 

Physical Therapist : The Tomatis® Method provides an effective complement to other methodologies used in physical therapy to retrain the body-movement system in general. The combination of aerial and bone conduction assists the vestibular (movement) system to regulate the sense of balance and the synchrony of the body working in multiple planes of movement, including the bilateral integration of the left and right sides of the body, and the coordination of upper and lower body movements.

speech and language therapist

The Tomatis® Method provides auditory stimulation that can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies to enhance the client’s ability to listen to others and him/herself, improve their quality of speech, improve the rhythmic back-and-forth of conversational turn-taking, and improve speech prosody.


The Tomatis® Method is used widely by clinical psychologists as an adjunct to their regular therapies. The Method’s well-known effect of cortical stimulation creates a readiness and an energy that increases the potential effect of the overall therapy. The client’s listening intent is enhanced, and clients are better able to communicate their thoughts and difficulties.

Medical practitioner

The Tomatis® Method can be used as a complementary treatment in several specializations in the medical field. Psychiatrists who want to stimulate the brain naturally and efficiently instead of with prescription psychoactive medication have found the Method to be beneficial, as have pediatricians facing developmental difficulties in their youngest patients, obstetricians who are helping expectant mothers prepare for childbirth, and even generalists who want to offer their patients a non-intrusive way to improve their overall sense of well-being.


Teachers and Special Needs Teachers : The Tomatis® Method is especially helpful to a teacher who requires a certain listening potential in order for a student to learn from the teaching. It assists in directing the student’s focus to the learning material and supports the student’s ability to remain focused for longer periods of time. The Method also supports the teacher's efforts to improve the student’s ability to understand the phonetic decoding of the written word, and thus aids in the development of reading ability.

Foreign Language Teachers : The aim of the Tomatis® Method is to give to any person wanting to learn a foreign language the possibility of truly appropriating its rhythms and sounds, by efficiently adapting the ear to them in order to analyze them more accurately and reproduce them more faithfully. The work consists in being released from the rhythm and sound habits of the mother tongue, which often comprise a negative “brake” on the language to be learned.


The Tomatis® Method can be used effectively to assist life coaches in their application of traditional methods to enhance the ability of their client to remain focused on the their learning, to listen more attentively, and to gain understanding of what is expected at a faster speed and rate with greater integration of the learning.



Our training sessions are geared for therapists and teachers who want to understand the nature of the tight link between the brain and the ear, and who want to add a pedagogical tool to their practice.

We do not offer training sessions to individuals who want to benefit from the Tomatis® Method in a personal manner, but we do in invite them to contact any of the professionals whose profiles are found on this website.

Every candidacy is carefully studied, and diplomas, experience, and of course the candidate’s motivation are all taken into account.

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