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TalksUpTalksUp® Training

Duration : 3 days + online support and mentoring
Prerequirement : must be a therapist, or teacher
Tool : The portable TalksUp® device (level 1)

: You practise the Tomatis® Method by integrating a powerful yet simple-to-use professional device into your professional activity.

Introduction: This first stage provides an initial 3-day training course to learn about the Tomatis® Method. You are trained to use TalksUp® in your field of expertise with your customers. Both theoretical and practical, the training course is supplemented by continued training online each month to assist you in introducing this technology into your work. It gives you the opportunity to become familiar with our equipment and to appreciate the efficiency they provide for a moderate investment.

Course summary: TalksUp® training is an intense 3-day course covering the vital aspects of the ear through its integration with the brain, the nervous system, the muscles of the middle ear and the vestibular system. You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of TalksUp®’s impact on the regulation of emotions, listening and communication, attention and behavior. You will learn how efficient is the Tomatis® Method and how you can use it in your daily practice. Last but not least, you will be able to use our online test platform so you can assess your clients’ problems and progresses. A personal assistance, online conferences and continuous learning are available to help you in your daily practice.

TalksUp® device: Equipped with special headphones, TalksUp® plays specially processed and preselected music to stimulate the auditory integration system. By reproducing the electronic gate, this stimulation ensures the accurate integration of the acoustic information and helps the brain to better receive, select and process this information. After assessing your client’s needs, you are able to choose the suitable program among the preconfigured choices without difficulty. Your clients can easily do their program which is most of the time two 13-day sessions of two-hour listening per day. This can be done either in your center or at home with regular monitoring.


TalksUp® is a portable digital device reproducing the Tomatis® Effect.
− Electronic gate is reproduced.
− Protected pre-programs
− Headphones equipped with air and bone conduction feature the precession system.
− Music is pre-processed and uncompressed.
− Filtering goes up to 2500 Hz.
TalksUp® is also available in a group or school version.

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  • NEW TLTS TomatisTLTS and TalksUp® Training (Level 2)

    Duration : 4 days + online support and mentoring
    : must be a Tomatis® Practitioner (level 1)
    : The TLTS device for the listening test and TalksUp® (level 2)
    : You add to your activity an evaluation tool that allows you to define the listening profile of a client with precision

    Presentation: This tool is necessary if you want to further evaluate a client’s listening profile and to refine your programming based on it. Over a 4-day training course, you learn to conduct a listening test and use it as part of your programming. The listening test also serves as a tool to assess results and thus to optimize your work. Moreover, you will be able to access to the TalksUp® (level 2) software, which enables you to combine pre-defined programs so you can increase your programming possibilities.

    Details: The listening test evaluates an individual’s auditory thresholds in terms of frequency, ability to identify the source of sounds, ability to discriminate between frequencies, and auditory laterality. The analysis of the resulting curves serves to determine the person’s quality of listening and from this to induce a psychological profile. The listening test thus allows to determine how an individual communicates with him/herself as well as with the outside world. The National Center for Scientific Research in France (CNRS) conducted a research on this original device and approved its usefulness.

    Tools: Digitized TLTS
    Although its roots are in audiometry, the listening test is a fully separate test. Its purpose is to determine how the individual communicates with others. The test is made up of a series of subtests, the synthesis of which results in the elaboration of curves called the listening profile. This listening profile is specific to each person. It is extremely simple to do the test, since it consists in the client responding either manually or orally – depending on the client – to acoustic stimuli perceived through headphones that transmit sound by air conduction and bone conduction. Each ear is tested in turn. On average the entire test lasts about one quarter of an hour and the datas are digitally compiled.

    TalksUp® (level 2) is supplied with a microphone which enables you to introduce active work session with more than 20 different program combinations. With the software level 2, you will be able to increase the amount of programs and introduce active work (that is to say the use of one own’s voice as a pedagogical tool) as well as auditory laterality.


  • TalksUp TomatisProgramming Training

    Duration : 4 days + online support and mentoring
    Prerequirement : must be a Tomatis® Practitioner (Level 2)
    Tool : TalksUp® (level 3)

    Purpose: This additional stage enables you to develop a genuine expertise in the Tomatis® Method and to use several new parameters. You will especially be able to individualize your work and to learn how to design your own programs depending on the Listening Test results. You will follow an in-depth training and will be assisted by a trainer Consultant so you can integrate with confidence all these new settings. Finally, you will be able to participate in some of our research programs.

    The TalksUp® (level 3) device
    The TalksUp® (level 3) software enables you to design your own programs by mixing several parameters of the Tomatis® Method. The device enables the Consultant to customize the settings according to each client’s Listening Test results, by introducing filters up to 4000Hz and by emphasizing the active work (pedagogical use of one’s own voice). All of this is done through an user-friendly interface. The TalksUp® (level 3) is a reserved tool for Tomatis® Consultants (level 1) only and can be used in a center or at home.


  • TalksUp Tomatis program managerExtented training to individualized programming

    Duration: 4 days + online support and mentoring
    : Must be a Tomatis® Consultant (level 3)
    : The TalksUp® (level 4)

    Introduction: This last stage on the Tomatis® training enables you to fully individualize your listening programs according to all the Listening Test data. You will become a Tomatis® Method expert and will be able to add settings such as high-filtering (up to 8000Hz), maternal voice and to mix several functions. You will follow an in-depth training and will be assisted by a trainer Consultant. Finally, you will be able to take part into our research programs.

    The TalksUp® (level 4) device.
    Thanks to the TalksUp® (level 4) software, you will be able to use all the parameters of the Tomatis® Method and thus will be able to fully customize the program settings according to each client’s Listening Test results. You will deduce from them the most relevant program to the concerned problem by drawing all the parameters available in the interface especially designed for this level of expertise. The TalksUp® (level 4) is a reserved tool for Tomatis® Consultants (level 2) only and can be used in a center or at home with regular monitoring.

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