Following listening sessions - The different steps

  1. L'entretien préalable

    Preliminary Interview

    You will be given a psychopedagogical assessment adapted specifically to your problematic, followed by an interview with a professional specialized in dealing with your particular difficulty or disorder (see the professional profiles in « contact us »).

    Qualified professionals may also administer a listening test with a device known as the TLTS. This test helps us to identify your listening potential and any possible dysfunctions.

  2. Les séances d'écoute

    Listening Sessions (passive phase)

    Using the specially designed device, you listen to a program chosen by the professional. You can listen to these programs in one of our centers or in the comfort of your own home thanks to the TalksUp® device. Because the programs stimulate your ear and your brain, the sessions have to be repeated over a period of time, alternating with evenly-spaced intervals of rest (called « integration ») so that the progress will be long-lasting, even permanent.
    The number and length of the sessions depends on your problematic. Sessions are generally two hours long over two periods of 13 days each.

  3. Les séances activesListening Sessions (active phase)

    Qualified professionals may also propose active listening sessions for you. These sessions include reading aloud or verbal repetition, during which your voice is instantly modified and retransmitted within the specific parameters of the Tomatis® effect. Directly and in real-time, you hear your voice corrected, and as a result, your voice is unconsciously modified. This exercise is not systematic but strongly recommended when possible, and is proposed only after an initial program of passive listening.

  4. L'entretien finalExit Assessment

    After the course of listening sessions is finished, you are given an exit assessment, which allows us to measure your progress and to determine if further sessions are recommended. The results obtained with the Tomatis Method® are long-lasting, even permanent, and consequently, it is often not necessary to extend the sessions beyond the initial course (though sometimes, for certain problematics, extending the program may be advised).

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