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Klimov Petr
Statut Consultant Tomatis®
Profession special psychologist
Specialités Enfants, Adolescents
Individual occupations for preschool children and children of school age. Complex differential diagnostics, effective correctional developing techniques. Use of a various and colourful evident material, creation of a positive emotional background and gradual increase in complexity of a material. The entertaining form of occupations, game receptions, change of types of tasks, system of encouragement will help to keep attention of your child throughout all occupation and to form interest to further work. Such factor as a regularity of occupations is important. The professional special psychologist, gives individual classes with children with various speech and behavioural problems. Diagnostics, correctional work directed on development of an educational stereotype, understanding of the turned speech, speech development from itself, speech stimulation. Integrated, individual approach. Work with the children having difficult structure of defect. Correctional occupations with nonspeaking kids of 2 years
Diplômes et certifications 2001-2007, special psychology, Faculty defectology, Moscow State University for the Humanities name M. A. Sholohov, Moscow, Russian Federation
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