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Retha (M.M.) Riekert Occupational Therapist

Riekert Retha
Statut Praticien Tomatis® (Niveau 2)
Profession Occupational Therapist
Specialités Enfants, Adolescents, Adultes, Seniors
Running a private practice and seeing children between the ages of 9 months and 11 years. Also doing group therapy in a school practice where we are 2 therapists with 6 children in the group. I integrate my DIR/floortime, SI and therapeutic listening into my therapy, but it depends on each child's individual profile
Diplômes et certifications SIPT Qualified Therapeutic Listening Trained DIR/Floortime Intermediate trained (currently enrolled in advance training)
Statut Praticien Tomatis® (Niveau 1)
Profession Occupational Therapist
Specialités Enfants
Diplômes et certifications Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
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Retha (M.M.) Riekert Occupational Therapist
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