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Svetlana Kremneva. Tomatis-Tel-Aviv

Svetlana Kremneva
Statut Praticien Tomatis® (Niveau 1)
Profession логопед-дефектолог
Specialités Enfants, Adolescents, Adultes, Seniors
Diplômes et certifications 1979-1984 Иркутский государственный педагогический институт, логопед-дефектолог

I am a special education speech therapist, a graduate of Irkutsk State Pedagogic Institute, Russia, Faculty of Special Education majoring in special education with a second specialization in speech therapy (1979-1984). After graduation, in Russia, I worked as a teacher at a special education school. In 1986 I started working as a speech therapist with a boarding kindergarten (Novosibirsk). 1991 – speech therapist at the Department of Neurology of a Novosibirsk Public Hospital. From 1995 to 2005 – speech therapist with the Municipal Psycho-neurological Center for Children (Novosibirsk) headed by professor Boris Gluhov. In these years I would conduct scientific studies, write articles whose abstracts were published in the annual digest Current Issues of Modern Medicine (1996, 1997, 2002). In 1997, I authored a paper titled “Formation of Sensory Models as a Psychological Basis of Speech in Children with Speech Disorders Resulting from Organic Brain Pathologies”. In 1998 I was awarded highest qualification category (Certificate No. 2061) which was reconfirmed in 2003. In March 2003, I attended the course “Problem of Providing Psychological-Pedagogical Assistance for Autistic Children” at Novosibirsk Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Education Workers. In April 2003, I gave a talk on “Major Tendencies of Correctional Speech Therapy Work with Children with Perinatal Pathologies of the Central Nervous System in the Pre-speech period to Develop Language System Perception” at the 13th Scientific-practical physicians’ conference on modern medicine’s current issues. For my talk I was awarded 2nd degree diploma. In May 2004 I attended the seminar “Principles and Forms of Interaction of Different Specialists in Therapy and Rehabilitation of Patients with Speech Pathology and Other Higher Mental Functions”, held at the Center of Speech Pathology and Neurological Rehabilitation (Institute of Special Education and Medical Psychology, Moscow). In Israel, I worked as a speech therapist at a rehabilitation center for children aged 6 months to 3-3.5 years – from 2007 to 2014. I attended a short training course (2007), a seminar (2010), finished a Hebrew course for medical personnel (2015). In 2015 I passed training in the "Tomatis"®
Method for practical therapist level one.

Логопед-дефектолог, окончила дефектологический факультет по специальности олигофренопедагогика с дополнительной специальностью логопедия в 1984 году Иркутского государственного педагогического института (в настоящее время Восточно-Сибирская государственная академия образования). В России работала учителем во вспомогательной школе (после института). С 1986 года логопедом в санаторном детском саду в г. Новосибирск. С 1991 логопед в детском неврологическом отделении Государственной Железнодорожной Больницы г. Новосибирск. С 1995 по 2005 гг. логопед в муниципальном психоневрологическом центре для детей г. Новосибирск. В Израиле работала логопедом с 2007 по 2014 в реабилитационном центре для детей в возрасте от 6 месяцев до 3,5 лет. В феврале 2015 г. прошла обучение на 1 уровень работы по методу "Tomatis"®.

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