Canada / Montreal

TLC The Learning Curve Integrative Center

Doche Natasha
Statut Praticien Tomatis® (Niveau 1)
Profession Cinical Director of The Learning Curve Integrative Center
Specialités Enfants, Adolescents
Implimenting therapeutic interventions for children, teens and adults.
Diplômes et certifications Cellfield Certificate, Animal Assisted Certification, B.A. Drama, Minor Philosophy

Our mission is to empower and advance those with learning differences and disabilities. Using top-of-the-line, research-based interventions, our goal is to target root causes rather than symptoms, helping both children and adults meet their full cognitive and functional potential. We aim to educate and inspire all individuals to be more than just a diagnosis - to develop and to value the best version of themselves.

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TLC The Learning Curve Integrative Center
18 Westminister Suite 120
Montreal, Quebec
H4X 1Y9 Montreal
Tél 514-660-4844
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