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Our Company and Commitment to Therapy Research

Under the authority of the company called TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. (TDSA), the Tomatis® Method evolves year after year. TDSA operates in the areas of research, equipment, professional training and professional licensing.


Founded in 2000 and based in Luxembourg, TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. (TDSA) is the exclusive holder of the science and knowledge of the Tomatis Method as well as several other trademarks and patents filed by Alfred Tomatis. The company was created and managed by Christian Tomatis and Thierry Gaujarengues. Nowadays, Thierry Gaujarengues runs the business and was joined in 2009 by Grégoire Tomatis, the grand-son of Dr. Alfred Tomatis and son of Christian Tomatis.

The company operates in four sectors:


With fifty years of experience in the application of the Tomatis Method® and with the latest advances in neuroscience and cognitive science, TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. continues its research and innovation projects that have been crucial to the company. It has participated in several clinical, scientific and technological research trials and programs and in close collaboration with Universities and Research Centers recognized internationally.

Professional Equipment

TOMATIS DEVELOPMENT S.A. designs its own neurosensory stimulation equipment. The devices feature, advanced, non-intrusive technology to optimally produce the Tomatis® effect. Each year, new technological, innovative progress allows us to upgrade and improve our equipment to ultimately better serve our clients.

Professional training

TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. provides in-depth training courses around the world. In some countries, training is organized each year systematically. In other countries, they are organized occasionally to meet local demand. Courses are taught by trainers with many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the Tomatis® Method. The trainers also participate in research programs and technological developments.

Professional Licensing

TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. monitors the correct use and proper practice of the Tomatis® Method in its various fields of application. Licensed professionals have followed a rigorous and in-depth training, and use only certified equipment.