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Our Partners and Distributors

TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. relies on very prestigious partners to develop the best equipment at the cutting edge of technology, also to conduct extensive research programs and to train their Tomatis® professionals. Our choice of excellence in our Partners has largely contributed to the success of our company worldwide.



Research centers

Centrum ZdrowiaThe Children’s Memorial Health Institute is the largest and most modern specialist hospital in Poland as well as a research Institute contributing to modern pediatrics. In cooperation with leading centers in Europe and around the world, The Children’s Memorial Health Institute is conducting researches on various approaches including since recently on the Tomatis® Method. Through the Dr Joanna Ratyńska, PhD, the Children’s Memorial Health Institute had started a research investigation on the Tomatis® Method in Children with Central Auditory Processing.

North West UniversityOver the last several years, under the direction of Professor W. Du Plessis, the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences at North West University has studied the results of the Tomatis® Method in the field of psychology. A great deal of this center’s activity and research has been done in collaboration with TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A.

IR3CIt is a research center on human behavior leaded by Professor Carles Escera.  With more than 70 senior researchers and 30 research students distributed in 12 different groups, the IR3C is conducting a large number of studies yearly, principaly in Neurospychology  (Area of Neurosciences). The  IR3C has made already several investigations on Tomatis® Method or features of the Tomatis® Method with good successes.

Waesaw instituteWarsaw’s Institute for the Physiology and Pathology of Hearing is one of the largest scientific research centers specializing in hearing disorders, the voice, language, and balance. The Institute is part of the Polish Health Ministry and for more than ten years has been studying the Tomatis® Method in close collaboration with TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. With support from the European Union’s programs to fight academic failure, the center has been able to equip more than 200 public and private schools with Tomatis® devices as part of its research program.

Styrian hospitalSince about 12 years the Tomatis® Listening Training at the Styrian hospital Graz South-West is an additional and optional offering for patients supporting the neurological rehabilitation. Belonging to the interdisciplinary therapy setting of the clinic the Tomatis® listening training is applied after medical assignment by the team of speech therapists under surveillance of a Tomatis® Consultant.

University of BogotaThe University of Bogota in Columbia studies the Tomatis® Method and its effects on children through its research program in Neuro- and Cognitive Science. In collaboration with TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A., the University has outfitted several classrooms, allowing it to study progress made by children aged 5-6 following Tomatis® listening sessions. To learn more, watch the video about it on our Multimedia page.


A Total ApproachA Total Approach South Africa (ATASA), led by Maude Leroux, OTR, provides full service to South African Tomatis® Practitioners and Consultants. ATASA is the exclusive distributor of the Tomatis® Method in this country. Maude is also a Tomatis® Trainer. Besides the dissemination of the Tomatis® Method in South Africa, ATASA organizes several specific trainings for professionals including Interactive Metronome and DIR Floor Time.

Housed since 1995 in Australia, and trained by Alfred Tomatis in the late 70’s, Françoise Nicoloff leads a Tomatis® Center in Sydney. She is one of the most experienced Tomatis® consultants in the world. She is also in charge of the development of Hear and Now, a company dedicated to the dissemination of the TM in Australia.


SEÇMEN DANIŞMANLIK LTD. ŞTİ.The Istanbul based company operates under the leadership of company owner and CEO Oktay Secmen. has been the official distributor of the Tomatis® Method in Turkey since 2015 and the company also offers many other education and therapy solutions including Jetoku, Menar, English Understand, Vınnoku and Forbrain. The company is the owner of Seyhan İdeal Education and Study Centre, Seyhan Schools and Neoterapi therapy centre in Adana province as well.

GospartnerThe group of companies “Gospartner” is a reliable supplier of highly proficient equipment, repair parts and ancillary parts for educational and healthcare institutions of the Russian Federation. Our main goal is to afford access to high technologies in the educational and health care sectors for the public. We work diligently so that our customers can get high-quality equipment, which is compliant to the highest standards at affordable and competitive prices. GosPartner is working in partnership with TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. with the aim of implementing the Tomatis® Method in hospitals and clinics in Russia. Please visit the following website to learn more about GosPartner.

BARO Ltd is a group of professionals who share the same ambition; to help the largest number of children with difficulties in Korea. After discovering the Tomatis® Method in 2012, this group became very actively involved in the distribution of Tomatis® expertise and technology throughout the country. Led by Hoik Lee, BARO Ltd has trained over 80 professionals to date. Tel. +82 70 4348 3567 Email. 

Your Amazing Health Ltd is managed by Maria Moell Lundqvist, the official representative of the Tomatis® Method in New Zealand. Maria pioneered the Tomatis® Method in Sweden in 1998 and is now introducing it to New Zealand with ambitious plans to expand over the 5 next years through extensive training of well-qualified professionals.

SoundLife Education Technology is the representative company of Tomatis® in China. Located in Shenzhen, it manages the Tomatis® brand and product promotion, as well as training, product sales and service in the whole country. It devotes itself to the work of introducing advanced special education technology to China, and contributes to the special education market for Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, Foreign Language Learning, Learning disability and behavior problems, for both children and adults.