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The Tomatis® Method is a listening and speaking program. Like any educational approach, it must be done in a sustained, repeated way by alternating it with resting phases for proper assimilation. Each program is customized and defined by a certified Tomatis® professional, following a complete assessment of listening. Often the listening sessions can be conducted at home.

Tomatis Sessions - Preliminary interview

Preliminary interview


The Tomatis® Method is an approach complementary to a therapeutic, pedagogical or medical accompaniment. It is offered by professionals specialized in the fields of health and education (Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Specialized Educators, Psychometricians, Certified coaches ...). We advise you to choose the professional whose initial specialty is the most adapted to your problematic area or that of your child. To find your certified professional, click here.

You will be given an individualized assessment adapted specifically to your problem, followed by an interview with a professional specialized in dealing with your particular difficulty or disorder (see the professional profiles in "find us”).

Parents visiting Tomatis® Centers for young children and autistic children will have the opportunity to complete a preliminary online 40-minute-questionnaire specifically designed to fully understand each child’s profile. This test is called TED (Tomatis® Evaluation Database).

Qualified professionals may also administer a listening test with a device known as the TLTS (Tomatis Listening Test System). This test helps us to identify your listening potential and any possible dysfunctions.

Listening session (passive phase)

Listening sessions (passive phase)

1.5 hour per day for 2 or 3 x 13 days

Our Tomatis® professional will create an exclusive musical program tailored to your needs. During your passive listening sessions, you will use one of our devices either called the TalksUp® or its previous version, the Solisten® or with the Tomatis® Audio Pro (TAP).

During the listening programs with the portable TalksUp® device and wireless headphones, it is important that you feel relaxed. All activities are accepted as long as they are not stressful or require too much concentration. You can draw, walk, play, cook… But we don’t recommend eating (or chewing gum), using other electronic devices (avoid screens) or making your sessions in any kind of transportation.

The duration, the rhythm and the number of sessions are determined by the Tomatis® professional that you have chosen. In general, the program includes sessions of up to 2 hours which are conducted over a time-frame of 2 to 3, 13-day periods.

Between each period, you take a break of several weeks. These pauses are called "integration phases". They will be followed by tests and intermediate interviews before resuming a new listening session.

Tomatis Listening session (active phase)

Listening Sessions (active phase)

Qualified professionals may also offer active listening sessions for you. These sessions include reading aloud or verbal repetition, during which your voice is instantly modified and retransmitted within the specific parameters of the Tomatis® effect. Directly and in real-time, you hear your voice corrected, and as a result your voice is unconsciously modified. This exercise is not mandatory but strongly recommended when possible, and is proposed after an initial program of passive listening.

Active listening sessions are not systematic and depend on your profile and issues. If you can not take active sessions, the Forbrain® headset can be an effective substitution to complete you Tomatis® program.

Exit assessment

Exit assessment

Once the listening sessions are finished, you are given an exit assessment, which allows us to measure your progress and to determine if further sessions are recommended. The results obtained with the Tomatis® Method are long-lasting, even permanent, and consequently it is often not necessary to extend the sessions beyond the initial course (though sometimes, for certain problems, extending the program may be advised).

In order to complement your Tomatis® listening sessions, you can also acquire the Forbrain® headset. The headset is designed to work on the auditory feedback loop and is a very valuable tool. For more information go to or ask a Tomatis® Professional for details.

If, for some reason, you cannot participate in Tomatis® sessions, we still invite you to use Forbrain®.

Schema session


*Please note our assessment tools are designed to help professionals determine your profile and evaluate your improvement after listening sessions. These tools are not designed to establish a medical diagnosis.