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Kids Monde LLP.

Kids Monde LLP.

Our establishment

Kids Monde LLP.

At Kids Monde LLP, we provide the following services:

i) Brain training, Neurofeedback

ii) The Tomatis Method

We know you will benefit from our scientifically proven training programmes, just like many from all over the world have benefitted from using this same programme to optimize their brain function as well as for the treatment of a broad range of disorders.



Certified Professionals

  • Yong
  • Ms. Yong PUAY PIN

    Practitioner (Level 1)

    Brain Trainer
    Areas of application
    Attention, Learning, Speech and language, Emotion regulation, Autism spectrum disorders, Academic skills
    Client's profile
    Children, Teenagers, Adults, Seniors
    Spoken languages
    English, Chinese, Simplified

    Ms Yong Puay Pin 

    B.A. in Psychology (National University of Singapore)

    Educator, Ministry of Education Singapore (2001 - 2013)

    Brain Trainer, Korea Research Institute of Jungshin Science

    Tomatis Practioner, Level 1

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Kids Monde LLP.

Practitioner (Level 1)

Blk 20 Sin Ming Lane Midview City, #04-56
573968 Singapore

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Phone number : 6590461366

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