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Ask your free documentation

Ask your free documentation

 only intended for professionals

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All about the TOMATIS® Method

All about the TOMATIS® method

In this free documentation only intended for professionals, you will discover :


  • The Tomatis® Method explained in details and its application to sensory and auditory processing disorders
  • Its unique and unparalleled technology at your service
  • The 7 areas of application for which the Method gets results
  • The richness of its community of 3000 therapists around the world with whom you can interact and obtain support
  • Advice on how to propose the Method to your clients and integrate it into your protocols
  • All the modalities and programs to train in the Method and become a practitioner.

Adrinet de Bod - Ergoterapeuta

Tomatis® cambia vidas todos los días. ¡Es tan agradable trabajar con esta herramienta! Está bien estudiada y desarrollada para ayudar en todo el proceso terapéutico. ¡Permite al cerebro encontrar tantas vías para completar el trabajo realizado en la terapia!