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Ask your free documentation

Ask your free documentation

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All about the TOMATIS® Method

All about the TOMATIS® method

In this free documentation only intended for professionals, you will discover :


  • The Tomatis® Method explained in details and its application to sensory and auditory processing disorders
  • Its unique and unparalleled technology at your service
  • The 7 areas of application for which the Method gets results
  • The richness of its community of 3000 therapists around the world with whom you can interact and obtain support
  • Advice on how to propose the Method to your clients and integrate it into your protocols
  • All the modalities and programs to train in the Method and become a practitioner.

Adrinet de Bod - Ergoterapistler

Tomatis®, her gün pek çok insana daha iyi bir yaşam sunuyor! Genel terapi süreçlerine destek vermek üzere, derin araştırmalara dayanan bu gelişmiş araca sahip olmak son derece faydalı. Terapi ile sağlanan gelişmeleri tamamlayacak şekilde, beyne giden sayısız yeni kapının açılmasını sağlıyor!