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The Tomatis® Method is proud to present the new TED!


The Tomatis® Method is proud to present the new TED!

Tomatis TED computer

For more than 60 years, the Tomatis® Method has been developing cutting-edge pedagogical equipment. It has also established its own evaluation tools, including the TED (Tomatis® Evaluation Database).

The TED is an evaluation platform designed to enable Tomatis® Professionals to build the most comprehensive psycho-pedagogical case file possible on their patients or students, whether adults or children.

TED features include the ability to send questionnaires to parents about child clients. It provides parents with the opportunity to complete one or more online questionnaires about their child, outside of the interview time with the Tomatis® Professional. These questionnaires consist of a series of questions on different topics (emotions, language, attention, coordination, etc.) in relation to which parents are asked to evaluate their child as accurately as possible. At the end of the questionnaires, the results are sent automatically to the Tomatis®Professional so that he/she has time to study them before the next interview.

The new version includes many improvements in form and content, including the creation of new psycho-pedagogical questionnaires.

If you’ve made contact with a Tomatis® professional, you will definitely be hearing more about the TED.

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