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Tomatis Equipment and Technology

The Tomatis® Method is based on a unique and powerful technology to produce the Tomatis® effect. It offers simple and efficient equipment for use in your practice: TalksUp®, headphones with air and bone conduction and TLT.


  • TalksUp® device Tomatis®
  • TalksUp-Infinite-headphones
  • Girl listening


TalksUp® is a device that encompasses all the technology used in the Tomatis® Method.

This simple yet powerful professional tool will adapt to your needs and evolve in relation to your level of training. TalksUp® is equipped with a new-generation, miniaturized and ultra-high-performance Tomatis® Electronic Gating® that processes music as well as the user’s voice in real time, with all the Tomatis® settings.

With its unique processor, its multiple, upgradable functions, its intuitive programming software and its customization for your client needs, TalksUp® is the most advanced technology for auditory stimulation.

  • Electronic Gating® integrated into the Tomatis® Effect
  • All Tomatis® settings are customizable and accessible in relation to your training level
  • An interface designed for use at a center or customizable for each client
  • Lightweight, portable and robust
  • Equipped with a touch screen and intuitive interface

Professional functions and parameters of TalksUp® by Tomatis®

Client customization: Make it easy to use for your client and follow his/her progression

  • Last name and first name personalization
  • Presetting of volume for the client (useful for children)
  • Possibility of re-listening to a track of the program
  • Choice between random or chronological playback
  • Possibility of checking if the program was followed by the client

Features Tomatis® Effect: Use the most advanced auditory brain training technology

  • Treatment of sound and voice in real time with electronic gating
  • Access to non-compressed and protected musical content
  • Choice of several pre-designed programs and ability to mix these programs or to create your own programs
  • Delay and Precession parameters (special treatment of sound through two channels – C1/C2)
  • High frequency filters (Up to 8000 hertz)
  • Active voice treatment in real time
  • Treatment of recording voice (mother’s voice)

*The access to some of these settings can be limited or preset based on your training level.


  • Size 11.7 x 8.3 x 2 cm
  • Aluminum case
  • Touch screen
  • Battery life: 6 hours approximately (3 days)
  • C1/C2 gating lights on screen
  • User-friendly Program Manager with “drag and drop” function
  • Standards: CE, FCC, ROHS


  • Rigid storage and protection boxes
  • Charger
  • Manual for Professional and User Guide for client
  • Headphones equipped with Air/Bone conduction (microphone option)

Special note about analogical treatment of sound: In the Tomatis® Method community, there used to be a debate about differences between analogue and digital treatment of Sound by Electronic Ear. This debate ended when Alfred Tomatis started to use a digital filter in 1998. Further explanation about the difference between analogue and digital sound can be found here.

  • Tomatis Infinite
  • Tomatis infinite headphones
  •  Woman reading during a Tomatis session
  • Child speaking
  • Listening session

Air and bone conduction headphones

These headphones are key equipment for the Tomatis® Method. Their exceptional acoustic quality optimizes the sound transmitted from the TalksUp® device. They come with a built-in transducer (vibrator) that transmits sound by bone conduction at the top of the head. This dual transmission of sound at two separate times can be programmed with special delays to help the brain analyze the auditory message.

Features and options

  • HD Sound quality
  • Bone/air conduction
  • Auditory Laterality settings
  • HD microphone function for Active Voice feedback treatment
  • Children sizes available
  • Wireless version available for groups and individuals (Not Bluetooth)
  •  Tomatis Bone Conduction Kit
  •  Tomatis Bone Conduction Kit-child
  •  Tomatis Bone Conduction Kit-baby
  •  Tomatis Bone Conduction Kit-baby2
  •  Tomatis Bone Conduction Kit-baby3
  •  Tomatis Bone Conduction Kit-children
  •  Tomatis Bone Conduction Kit-adult

Tomatis® Bone Conduction Kit

This device is ideal for working with sensitive individuals as a replacement for headphones at the start of the program, or as an additional tool to reinforce your therapy action.

This solution enables you to work with:

  • Babies and children under the age of 2
  • Children presenting a very strong sensitivity to sounds
  • Hypotonic people and people with sensory-motor delay who require a more important stimulation in addition to the Tomatis® headset

Stimulation is done uniquely through bone conduction, in a non-invasive and safe manner for the baby whose fontanel is not yet closed.

This device is based on clinically proven technology and tested by our Tomatis® experts and experienced consultants.
This has allowed us to demonstrate excellent results based on the Tomatis® protocols developed specifically for these types of applications.

It is intended for exclusive use in the therapist's presence to monitor the subject's reactions and to modify the intervention at any time.

Watch the demonstration video

Discover the Tomatis® Bone Conduction Kit flyer


TLT is a powerful assessment device. The TLT (Tomatis Listening Test) measures the individual’s perception of frequencies through bone and air conduction and is used to establish a listening curve for each individual based on his or her listening thresholds.

Although its roots are in audiometry, the listening test is a fully independent test. Its purpose is to determine how the individual communicates with others. The test is made up of a series of subtests, the synthesis of which results in the elaboration of curves, called the 'listening profile.' This listening profile is specific to each person. It is extremely simple to do the test. The client responds either manually or orally – depending on the client – to acoustic stimuli perceived through headphones that transmit sound by both air and bone conduction. Each ear is tested in turn. On average, the entire test takes about fifteen minutes and the data are digitally compiled.

TLT integrates a unique and specific technology, calibration and protocol of use. This assessment tool is training equipment and cannot be considered as a medical device. It is not intended to establish a medical diagnosis.