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Tomatis Complementary Brain training Tools at Home

The Tomatis® Method is offered under the supervision of a Professional duly certified. A Tomatis® Program is composed of several intensive sessions and functions exclusively with a professional equipment.Tomatis® recommends these complementary tools and programs, that can be used before your sessions, but also in between or after.
Although they can be used as stand-alone programs, these products were designed with the purpose of reinforcing the results obtained with the Tomatis® method. Their approach and protocol are different from the Tomatis® program, and they are consequently perfectly complementary. Your Tomatis® practitioner can recommend specific exercises and protocol based on your needs and where you are at in your Tomatis® program.


BEFORE TOMATIS® SESSIONS AS A FULL STAND-ALONE PROGRAM: If, for any reason, you cannot start with a Tomatis® program, you can begin by using Soundsory® and/or Forbrain®.

DURING TOMATIS® SESSIONS AS A BOOSTER: Between each Tomatis® session, you need to follow long breaks which are called “Phases of Integration”. During these breaks, it is important to keep stimulating the brain in alternative ways. Soundsory® or Forbrain® can help to do so. The protocol for both tools may be adapted with the help of your Tomatis® professional, who can recommend the optimal use based on your profile and needs.

AFTER SESSIONS TO GO FURTHER: Once you have finished your Tomatis® sessions, you can keep training your brain on the long term with those complementary tools. They can help to maintain and even improve the results obtained with the Tomatis® Method. Ask your Tomatis® professional for some advice and perhaps an adapted protocol depending on your profile.

Complementary Tools

  • SOUNDSORY® Program
  • The SOUNDSORY Program Tomatis®
  • Complementary Tool SOUNDSORY®

The SOUNDSORY® Program

SOUNDSORY® is designed to help people with:

  • Motor delays, Balance and Coordination
  • Autism spectrum and Developmental delays
  • Sensory and Auditory processing disorders
  • Poor attention such as ADD and ADHD

The SOUNDSORY® program consists of specially designed music processed with neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises. The main purpose of SOUNDSORY® is to establish good foundations, from the fundamentals of sensory integration to more complex cognitive functions.

When applied in a standalone, the program is 30 Minutes a day for 40 days.


  • The Forbrain® Program
  • The Forbrain® Program Tomatis®
  • Complementary Tool Forbrain®

The FORBRAIN® Program

Forbrain® is designed to help people with:

  • Speech and Language difficulties
  • Learning difficulties
  • Auditory Processing disorders
  • Poor attention such as ADD and ADHD

Forbrain® is a bone-conduction headset equipped with a microphone and a dynamic filter. It is a self-practice tool, for users to train on their audio-vocal loop. Forbrain® enhances specific patterns of the voice, and the enhanced voice is delivered instantaneously via bone conduction.

When applied in a standalone, the program is 20 Minutes a day for 50 days.