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The practice of the Tomatis® Method is regulated by a license agreement and a Code of Ethics. These contracts are the guarantee to the end user/client that the professional has received rigorous training, he/she is able and qualified to use the very innovative, efficient and certified equipment and he/she has the technical knowledge to practice daily. The contracts confer the right to present themselves as a "Tomatis® professional".

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The licensing agreement allows the trained professional to take advantage of the following benefits:

Continuous Learning (online and live workshops)

Licensed individuals enjoy the possibility of following several training sessions offered throughout the year, both online and in person. You will be kept up to date about the latest developments in the Tomatis® Method. Because our training sessions are short and intense, we frequently return to, and reinforce, the essential points of our Method, allowing you to master it completely.

Up-to-date equipment, technology and assessment tools

Professionals are equipped with the most advanced technology for auditory and brain stimulation. We update this technology constantly to reinforce this effect, keep it safe and reliable and make it easy to use. We are also continuously updating our assessment tools to help professionals choose the best programs and analyze their client’s improvement.

Access to a Large Community of Experts

As a Tomatis® Practitioner you have access to our private professional forums. You can share your experience with thousands of colleagues and ask for advice from our trainers and experts. From time to time, you are invited to participate in live events where you can meet your colleagues and follow presentations from experts.

Personalized Help

Your patients or clients confront you on a daily basis with problems that are more or less easy to analyze and manage, but occasionally you may encounter a really challenging problem. Our experienced trainers are available to answer your questions through our professional discussion forums and online help center.

Customized Technical Assistance

The Tomatis® Method requires the use of professional devices, which are made to be used securely, safely, and in the simplest manner possible. We offer technical assistance, available every day, to respond to any technical question that you may have.

Research Programs

You have access to, and may actively participate in, our research programs. You are more than a mere user of the Tomatis® Method; you are also an important agent in its progress and its development.

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The first 2 years of license fees are included in each TalksUp® device. Thereafter, the cost is 250 USD / 200 EUR per year. Please note that “Tomatis®” is a trademark and cannot be used without license authorization.

Download here our Code of Ethics