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The TOMATIS® Method

Improves Motor, Emotional and Cognitive abilities, through Music and Language

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In short ...

"The Tomatis® Method offers children, adults, and seniors one of the most innovative and advanced neurosensory stimulation training programs to improve brain function. Backed by numerous studies, the Tomatis® Method is commonly used to improve motor skills as well as emotional and cognitive abilities. Its unique technology modifies music and voice in real time to improve brain stimulation.
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  • Attention

  • Learning

  • Voice and language

  • Emotion regulation

  • Motor skills and coordination

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Integration of Foreign Languages

The Tomatis® Method is based on the principle of the transmission of unanticipated sound contrasts through music and a person’s voice in order to constantly surprise the brain. That element of surprise, forces the brain to develop automatic mechanisms to detect change, which ultimately serves to develop stronger focus and attention. 

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The Tomatis® Method uses the natural plasticity of the neural circuits involved in the decoding and analysis of sounds to retrain the brain. It can help both children and adults develop effective coping strategies to deal with learning difficulties.

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The fundamental principle of the Tomatis® Method is that any influence on the mechanisms of reception and analysis of an acoustic message will affect the way in which this message is reproduced. By enhancing phonological and linguistic awareness, the Tomatis® Method helps to understand, analyse and finally interpret the basics sounds of language.

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The brain tends to protect itself naturally by filtering the analysis of sensory information. It especially happens when the external environment is perceived as threatening or after an emotional shock. By stimulating the vast network of nerves that controls the overall level of brain activity, the Tomatis® Method has positive effects on the control of emotion as well as on the regulation of stress.

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The most important organ in the ear associated with balance, movement and coordination is called the Vestibular Nerve. The Tomatis Method, through its direct interaction with the vestibular nerve, has an effect on the regulation of muscle tone as well as on both verticality and laterality disorders. The vestibular nerve in association with several other parts of the brain plays an important role in the coordination and rhythm mechanisms.

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The Tomatis® Method stimulates the neural circuits linking the ear to the brain called  "mirror neurons". The mirror neuron system plays an important role in social interaction, cognition and communication. The Tomatis® Method is a complementary approach which is often used in conjunction with other therapies and programs to help those on the autism spectrum.

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If you wish to practice your English skills with the Tomatis method, read more about our new training headset Pronounce.

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The Tomatis® International Convention 2023

We are glad to announce that “The Tomatis® International Convention 2023” will be held in Rome, Italia from 4th to 7th November 2023.

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