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Tomatis® Luistertherapie

Tomatis® Luistertherapie

Our establishment

Tomatis® Luistertherapie

Luister je vrij! Is the Dutch slogun for the practice of Auditory Stimulation. The main office is situated in IJmuiden. The second location is situated in Amsterdam.  Monique Blok-Wildschut is Tomatis Consultant since 2000. Her background is speech patholigist with specialization sensory integration.

The main population of clients are children with (severe) communication disorders, behaviour problems, concentration defects, and learning disabilaties. Also adults with difficulties in communication, language or use of voice are common. The causes can be of variable background.

Lately topathletes are also welcome to work on there balance in selfesteem, energy, focus, concentration and relaxation. Monique is a 6 time World Champion Marathon Swimmimg and build through the years to her method MENTAL with Tomatis Auditory Stimulation as a central tool.

Certified Professionals

  • Monique
    Blok - Wildschut
  • Mrs. Monique Blok - Wildschut

    Consultant (Level 4)

    Speech Therapist, Sensory Integration therapist, NLP
    Areas of application
    Attention, Learning, Speech and language, Emotion regulation, Motor skills and coordination, Autism spectrum disorders, Academic skills
    Client's profile
    Children, Teenagers, Adults, Seniors
    Spoken languages
    English, German

    In 1990 I started my practice Speech Therapy. Working with children I was concerned about those who did not benefit enough of the regular treatment. So I broadened my horizon with studying the processing of Sensory Information, eventually completed by Listening with the whole body, working with pedigogical cd's. That was to superficial, so I went to Paris to become a Tomatis® consultant in 2000. Since then I combine Speech Therapy and Listening therapy, as to complete communication both ways. Comprehention and production. During those years I helped many children and adults.

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Tomatis® Luistertherapie

Consultant (Level 4)

Oosteinderweg 6
1981AP Velsen Zuid

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