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Except for the Forbrain®’s headset that clients can use as a complementary tool, (for more information go to, the Tomatis® equipment is solely reserved for qualified Tomatis® professionals. The clients can use the devices during the sessions. The Tomatis® equipment was made for an optimum utilization of the Tomatis® Method. You will find below a general presentation of each piece of equipment.

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TalksUp® is a new Tomatis® Electronic device that allows you follow passive and active listening sessions. TalksUp® is the most advanced portable device equipped with the Tomatis® Gating® which allows the processing of music and your voice in real time. The settings of the processing system are individualized by a Tomatis® professional based on your assessment. Before the release of the TalksUp®, some of our centers had equipped themselves with the Tomatis® Audio Pro (TAP) and the Solisten®.

TalksUp® is programmed following your first assessment. Once it is personalized for you or your children, all you need to do is touch the screen and follow your listening program while wearing a special air and bone conduction headset.

  • PERSONALIZED. It is adjusted according to your problem and your profile
  • EASY TO USE. Touch the screen to choose your personalized program step-by-step, day by day.
  • SMALL. It fits inside a pocket
  • ROBUST. It is made of aluminum (not plastic)
  • POWERFUL. It is not a typical digital device like an Ipod®, an Mp3 player or even a CD. This proprietary technology is equipped with a unique processor designed to modulate in real time the HD music and your voice based on the Tomatis® parameters

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  • Tomatis Infinite
  • Tomatis infinite headphones
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Air and bone conduction headphones

The exceptional acoustic quality of Tomatis® headphones optimizes the sound transmitted from the TalksUp® device. The headphones are equipped for both air and bone conduction. This means that you receive sounds both through the usual air canal and via the bone canal. The bone conduction device is placed on the top of the head and transmits the sound through tiny vibrations. 

During active sessions, you clip a High Definition microphone on to the headphone to process your voice in real time, just like it does with the music. Based on your assessment, the headphone can be adjusted with auditory laterality to optimize transmission through the right ear.

These headphones are key equipment for the Tomatis® Method. They contain:

  • High Definition of sound
  • Air and Bone conduction
  • Auditory laterality (optional)
  • Wireless version for groups or individuals
  • A version suited for both children and adults